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Aug 17, 2014
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Google Maps not showing my verified business with my g+ page. Why?
that pretty much the gist of it.
here is my g+ link:
I try to do a search for stockton locksmith and typically an organic results page will also show a small section of maps listings. i use to be there but was removed due to a reverification which has been cleared.
i was told i would be back up within 48 hours but still no go after a week.
anyone have an idea?
It looks like they've verified your page, but removed the Local aspect of it. I suspect this as there's nowhere to write reviews.
i have twice submitted to have this reviewed and nothing yet. i actually had a review and now that has been removed. not to mention the other reviews i use to have on my previous page.
Roman, at the Google forum you said:

"I was told that too many edits happened and that's why it was removed"

Then you created a new page.

Then you said: "it actually came active and was showing but i guess my seo guy made a subcategory addition which i was unaware of and that sent it to re-verify status."

Why he would tweak the page, when you already got deleted for tweaking, is beyond me.

Locksmith listings are extremely sensitive. Once you get the page working again, I'd strongly recommend telling your SEO guy not to touch anything!
I don't know why the tweak was made as I was unaware of it. I was told by google that there was a subcat made. I informed the seo guy and we are leaving it alone. I am trying to get it back up on maps which is my original question and which I am looking for answers.
I had an almost similar situation earlier this year with a client. The GPlus page showed verified but no "local" attributes. They had been removed from maps.

The situation was different as no changes had been made via the dash for some time, although an "social" update or two had been put on the page. I was told originally it was because my client hadn't updated info in the dash.

To get to the point, it took 3 phonecalls to support and just over 2 months to fix and stay fixed.

First attempt they corrected the address, which had been changed when the page seperated. Corrections we made via the dashboards (at that time Places and Plus) would not save. I was told there was an issue at Google's end and they were trying to correct it.

A few weeks later as the change to My Business happened the address disappeared to just show the village. Once again, corrections wouldn't stick via the My Business dash. As a training provider out in the country, the address and map are an important part of the page. Another call to support, once again fixed and told that it would propagate over to maps within 48 hours.

What actually happened was a new duplicate unverified page with her images appeared on maps and in search. Her G+ page again still verified lost it's local, the old short Places description came back and images disappeared.

Again, a call to support. It did take some explaining what had previously gone on. The Page is now as it should be although we lost the images and description and they had to be replaced. My client also said she had a couple of reviews, although I never saw them (the page had split and no local attributes). They haven't returned either.

After each fix, Google maps called my client to verify she exists. They also removed relevent categories after the third call. Rather than put them back manually, I called support and asked them to replace the cats.

I know your situation is different because you've been over-tweaking. I wanted to show that working with Google's phone support we did get back on Maps. Your results may be different because you're in a known spammy sector and your past tweaking.

My advice is stop tweaking, don't try to fix it manually and do everything through phone support. Give the changes time to go through then follow up via phone support if still not correct. Be prepared to explain everything each time - keep notes.

If you do get it fixed, leave it be - don't tweak!

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