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Sep 18, 2012
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Business name changed automatically on google+ local listing and maps ranks dropped suddenly. Please can anyone suggest the best action steps to recover the previous ranks.
Thank you Chadkimball for your reply,

Yeah tried to change back with mapmaker, but this time listing picked another business name and no change in rank positions. 3 G+ local listings available on google with same address and phone number, among the 3 listings 2 are dupes. Here you can find our G+ listing URL:
Give the support folk a call and they can change it back and help with the dupes as well.

Chris McCreery
you may have some citations out there in the wild with the wrong biz name, and the bots could be picking that up and changing the name based on that. Have you checked for that? Get those fixed so the bots don't change the name again in the future.

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