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Jul 7, 2017
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So our client has two listings in same building but different suites. One is for corporate and one is for their commercial cleaning business. Listings have different names, different phone numbers

They(google) decided to mark the client facing one as a dupe and removed it from Google so now only corporate shows

I reached out to support about 5 days ago. Got the initial canned response and it said if you need more help to "reply" which I did immediately. So far zippo from support. Do I wait or do I just put another ticket in?
You can directly reply to that email and describe your problems perfectly. google will surely response
I got the same issue, just out of the blue Google decided to make auto edits and then unverified those locations.

We have 3 office locations within one city. Same name, phone, and website, but different addresses, descriptions, and service area. At first, a month ago, 2/3 locations got unverified and merged into 1 verified location on GMB. So, we did a video verification of offices showing legal documents that those two locations are real and legitimate. Then, while 1 location got verified a week later, the other two (verified and not verified) were marked as duplicates 🫠. GMB location has changed to the one verified and merged reviews at this time.

So, it's been already more than two and a half weeks since we submitted another video verification. It shows now that this process can take up to 30 days.

I don't know what to do, shall we just wait until another location gets verified and then try to claim duplicates again? or should we submit another claim to Google, since one of those marked duplicates was already verified after our video?

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