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Jul 26, 2019
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Hi all, just wondering if there is any benefit setting up the GMB website that's available within the Google My Business dashboard if a business already has a website? Also, if one was set-up, could that cause any issues?


I've heard several takes on this in the last 3 years:

1. In a seminar I attended someone used it to link important pages to their website. He claims Google discovers these pages faster (and maybe get a little boost like a citation).
2. Using features that Google offers can be beneficial. It most likely won't rank anyway - so why not spend 1 hour to set it up.
3. If you are an agency - don't bother. It won't move the needle, and you can use the time to do other things that have more value.

My personal take is this. If you have no other thing to do that is more valuable, sure do it. It won't hurt. They don't rank anyways unless that is your main website. But make sure you really have done all the other things that are more valuable than this (which is a lot - that's why I could never do it).
I have seen them showing up for spam listings in the SAB space. The main GMB location links to the main company website while the other listings for additional city targeting links to a Google site. Luckily I normally see those deep in the Local Finder not in the 3-Pack.
use it as a citation source. If you already have a website, do it anyway, but deselect "make this my website" so it doesn't conflict with your business website. Its free and self updating from your GMB Profile This from todays Local Marketing Institute Q&A zoom call featuring the best in the business; Eric Shanfelt, Jason Brown and Ben Fisher.

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