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Mar 15, 2016
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new on the forum, hello :)

i search for a keyword on and i am 1st and 2nd, keyword and town

I have a google business page but for some reason it doesnt load on the right side panel on google

but yet my competition does who is less ranked than i am

they are the only person that show up

so when searching on your phone they actually show at the top with the big desing that google have

is there any reasoning in this

In order to help you, we'll need a bit more information please - can you provide the name of your business and it's address?
Face Cosmetic Training
2 Spring Gardens
Longcar Lane
South Yorkshire
S70 6BJ
Is this your business?

It popped up in the knowledge panel for me on with my location set to Barnsley, UK... both desktop and mobile. Came up for my on as well. If that's your business, looks like it's showing fine to me at least.

Edit: just noticed you said 'keyword'. What search are you doing that's showing the business that you don't think should be there?
Hi Afster,

In addition to James' great points I noticed that the address listed on the G+ page is
2 Longcar Ln
South Yorkshire S70 6BJ
United Kingdom

which is slightly different to the address you gave here. That might be causing some trust issues (and so ranking problems) with Google

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