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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi guys,

We have two clients one for 45 listings and another one with 350 listings all controlled in two separate google places bulk upload accounts. Which can be managed here:

Recently over the last 3 weeks, every time we make a address change or edit to the listing via the the edit is not changing the actual listing directly any more. And i have had to use the 'suggest a edit or report a problem' to get the address change.

This is getting tedious, especially when you have 10+ stores changing address every week.

Does anyone know why this is occurring? It worked perfectly before!

I have asked GP support but they haven't given me a response.

I'm in Australia and believe we're still on the old dashboard, screenshot below:


Kind Regards,

Hi Matt,

There seems to be a lot of issues with Bulk and regular Dashboards lately. Dashboards are in a major transition phase. I haven't come across your specific issue. I would actually suggest that this would be a post best suited over the Google My Business Forum.

Linda, myself or one of the other TC's can try and escalate it for you.
Hi guys,

Any advice on how to escalate this further up the GP chain?

The longer this remains unsolved, it's just compounding problems in the future.

As every change i make using the edit details feature (which i should be doing via the dashboard), it messes up data and changes which should be made within the dashboard.

Its creating a gigantic data mess in the future, creating more and more data issues every-time i use that.

Not to mention it requires more manual resource on Googles end to manually make the changes too.

Should be a win/win for both parties to get this resolved.
Hi Matt (or Chris?)

I just posted at the G forum saying I would escalate for you - but the info is too generic to get an answer from Google. They'd need the email address for each account to be able to investigate.
Yes if you have any ideas Colan, thanks.

I got emails over in the G thread so just escalated. Could be a couple days til I get a reply Matt.

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