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Jul 25, 2012
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Can anyone explain to me exactly what this this problem I am having is called? (See screen shot below.) Has anyone ever see duplicate stats for the different listings in their dashboard?

I thought it was a 'merged listing' ... but when I search online, it seems that merged listings are when data from 2 listings is merged into one listing... or a phone number from one company's listing shows up with the address of another company's listing. {more below}


Over many months now, the main law office listing has been showing the exact same 'impressions' and 'actions' stats as one of the individual attorney listings.

At first, a few months ago, it seems that the listings were simply 'reversed'... and the company name switched for one of lawyer names... and took the positive reviews with it.

But now these 2 listings are VERY messed up... the other week, clicking on the 'See your listing on Google' link for each of the dashboard listings used to lead to two distinct G+ Local pages, but today they both lead to the same G+ Local page (though both G+ Local pages do exist).

A side note:

For several months now, this sort of 'merging' has caused a detachment of the main office listing from the Google SERPS and now 'location searches' hardly even show up in the SERPs for this law firm (within the physical city and surrounding area.)

The stupid thing is that the SERP trackers we use report high 1st page results, but within the client's own city (searching from their office) and near by cities... this law firm's website is scarcely on the 1st or 2nd page of SERPS.

Any hope in sight for me?



Yep if the impressions and actions match like that then yes they are merged.

I was going to ask you click from dash on each one to view on maps so you could clearly see it, but then read your post more closely and it looks it you already did that.

And yes dupe confusion and merging are one of the biggest reasons listings disconnect in search and don't rank in blended.

I prefer to use the troubleshooter to deal with merges but recently Jade said to just click edit on one of the listings and select "Some photos, reviews, or details belong to a different place". But again I prefer troubleshooter because then you get a support rep in the loop via email if you need to explain some more or to follow up with if the problem does not resolve.
Ok, so now that I know it is in fact a 'merged listing'...

I found some interesting info over at Bluementhals regarding merged listings:

Mike says: "... your business name is one of the primary items that you have control over that causes merges and it is an important signal to keep your cluster intact."

He suggests to keep the business name short and unique from competitors to avoid duplicate merges... so I would assume that this would also mean to avoid using the 'practice name' in the individual attorney listings, too... to avoid merging issues.

He also mentions that you need "to have Google split the two listings" because when a merge occurs "it is almost impossible to fix by any fiddling you might do".

So, instead of flailing in the dark... I'll fix the business (attorney) name to conform with guidelines... then contact Google via the troubleshooter... and hope for a reply... then hope the issue actually gets fixed when they say it is fixed (like they've said to me a couple times now already.) ;)

Oh sorry I assumed you already knew you should not have the practice name in the Atty listing.
And the names were blanked out so I didn't know that was the prob.

See this post with important tips and more about the reasons NOT just to avoid merges but also to avoid ranking problems and transitions if the atty leaves the practice.
Multiple Agents/Professionals @ Same Location - Google Places Best Practice Tips

But it's true once listing are merged not much you can do about it. Google needs to separate them.

(This is part of the stuff I teach to help people avoid problems like this to begin with.)

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