Aug 4, 2012
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Hi All,

The description of the Google Places listing should obviously be keyword rich. However, how far should this be pushed? If you have a keyword like "plumbers (city)" (keyword/city), should you be using using that exactly in the description? Or, is it enough to seperate them. At the moment, I place the exact keyword/s within the description and try to make it sound as "user friendly" as much as I can.

What does everyone else do?
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Linda Buquet

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Jun 28, 2012
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Re: Question about Google Places Optimisation

See my answer and related links in this thread.

<a href="">Location Keywords in Google Local+ Listing</a>

My rule of thumb due to past suspected penalties on the OLD Place pages, was don't repeat name, city or phone and only main keyword once. +KW in desc didn't really help ranking on OLD Place pages. BUT with new G+ pages everything is indexed so I would add maybe syn or longer tail phrases but be careful about KW repetition.

Tons more in that thread.

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