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This is normal when you delete photos from the dashboard. Did you recently delete some photos?
I have been deleteing and adding pictures to get a image in the far left hand corner (the Profile Picture spot). But no matter what I do it keeps the same circle with minus sign image. This image replaced my profile picture to weeks ago for whatever reason and I have been unable to change it back. Now I have a ton of these minus sign images... this issue is driving me crazy haha.
Just give it some time and they should go away. Go ahead and report them to try and speed up the process if you haven't already done that.
Thanks Colan,

That's good, I was wondering if they would away on their own. My profile picture has been like that for weeks, I wasn't sure if I needed to do something on my end. I'll go ahead and report them; hopefully they'll get removed soon.
You may want to empty the trash. Hover over the Icon on the left to open the pop out menu and select Photos. It will bring up the full photo album interface.

Chose More from the nav bar and then trash. You can empty the trash there or restore photos.

You don't have to be an owner, this feature is available to Managers as well.
I emptied the trash bin earlier today hoping that would get ride of the minuses. Maybe I should have restored the images instead.. I think there is an issue with the business listing images syncing with the Google plus images... I am not sure though.

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Would reporting images effect seo? I went from the first page to the fourth page after I reported the images.. what a mess this is. Why does google make the image in maps different than the profile image you have anyways?
I think the change in rank is coincidental.

Once you delete the photos, it takes time; days, maybe weeks. Don't get excited.

Usually the profile image ends up on the Map. Remember Google is trying to figure out how to integrate the photos from the Places Dashboard too. It's been a mess since they upgraded the pages to G+.
Thanks Keenan,

I received the new Google maps today and it seems like company rankings have been all over the place. So it most likely is coincidental. I'll wait this out and see how things go.
Hi John, sorry I could not help via email earlier. Thanks for posting.

I don't know much about image problems specifically so wanted you to benefit from guys like Keenan and Colan who are in the trenches more than I.

It seems though like recently I saw a post by Jade about this problem. Do you guys remember that?
On Aug 1st, Jade posted

The gray circles are still appearing in place of deleted photos in some cases -- we are looking into the delay. I'll pin this thread in case anyone else is having this issue, too.
I think this might be the thread Linda. According to Jade it's normal but there seems to be an issue with them sticking around for an excessive amount of time.

Google Groups

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Just saw your replies Keenan and Linda. Ooops...delayed reaction or what.
No, it's good you posted Colan. Made me check my link to see if it was the same post and I discovered my link was dead. So thanks so you fixed it. :)
Hey, thanks for the links. I'll read through those and see what I find. Hopefully someone has figure out how to remove these minus signs..
Wow it looks like the issue hasn't been addressed yet and some people have had these minuses going on 4 months now.. I wish I could at least get a real image for my profile picture that shows up in search results instead of a minus sign. Makes my google + page look so unprofessional.

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