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Feb 25, 2014
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I've posted on 4 different GBP profiles today (starting at 11am, most recent just 30 minutes ago) and none of them are showing the latest GBP Post.

Is anyone else having issues with GBP Posts not posting today?
Are you seeing the posts in the GMB dashboard though? Whether they appear on search is influenced by both client- and server side caching.
Yeah, they're listed as "posted" in GMB but were not showing on the front-end search.

Looks like everything has returned to normal today. Made a post on one of the accounts and within a minute, it was showing on the front-end. Must have been some of the issues that @rustybrick was alluding to. After his comment, I went hunting and found his post about the indexing issue that Google was having yesterday.

Seems like all of that is now cleared up and back on track.
We had the same thing. I suspect an algorithm flags the posts on "content policy violation" and they go into a manual queue and then get approved or not. Our post popped up at a later stage.

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