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Jan 13, 2014
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When doing a google search I know you can narrow it down to recent results by going to search tools and then choosing a timeframe.

Is it possible to do this by entering it directly into the search bar like you can for site:?

Thanks in advance
There are "date:" and "daterange:" operators but they are for indexed/modified date, need to be used in Julian calendar format, and will get you a "unusual activity" message or captcha pretty quickly.

The best way to do it is via the URL. You can add &tbs=qdr:X to any search string where X equals the value for the time period to search.

n for minute
h for hour
d for day
w for week
m for month
y for year

You can also ad a number after the time period to search that many increments of that time period. So m6 would be six months.

Examples: Will return pages with local seo from the last 6 months. Will return pages from this forum from the last 14 days.

Have fun.
Well those are some handy query tweaks to know!

Thanks Broland!

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