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Jun 28, 2012
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Last week during all the Google Maps update that came out of Google 1/O, Jade did a new revised Google Review Problems sticky at the Google and your Business forum. I just noticed it now, so wanted to share.

Below are just a couple snippets, because there are too many links to copy over, so please click to review the entire post from Jade.

Note: the last paragraph I quoted includes some of the instructions for asking support to move reviews if a business relocates.

Technical issues with reviews? Read this first

We see a lot of questions about reviews on the forum. Before you make a new thread, please read through this post (even though it’s long!), because your question might be answered already.

1. Where did my reviews go?

Point #2 Reviews are removed from Google+ Local if they exhibit spammy behavior. We can't share specifics about what signals we use, but our goal is to provide end-users with high-quality information they can trust and use that info to make informed decisions. (We can share -- reviews with URLs in them are automatically marked as spam. No URLs, please!) We also remove reviews that violate our content policy guidelines. We know that sometimes our algorithms may flag and remove legitimate reviews in our effort to combat abuse, but believe that overall, these measures are helping to ensure that the reviews appearing on local Google+ pages are authentic, relevant and useful. Here's our reviews posting guidelines and policy:
Removals of Google Places reviews - Places for business Help

- Please note that the Review content policy now states that business owners or employees
should not review their own businesses. We also discourage review stations or kiosks set up at your business location that are solely for soliciting reviews.

3. How do I get them back on my listing?

If you see your reviews on a duplicate listing, we can try to merge the duplicates back in to one listing. Please note that it can take several weeks to merge listings, Contact support using this form: Select There is a duplicate listing that I would like to have removed. — give the support team a few days to get back to you.

If users have deleted or marked their reviews as private, we have to respect that decision and there’s nothing we can do to show the reviews.

If reviews seem to be associated with the wrong page (for example, an old location for your business), you should contact us to request us to move them. Please first read our review
move policy (here for old dashboard users, and here for new dashboard users) to determine
if the reviews qualify to be moved. Then, you can contact us (here for new dashboard users,
not yet available for old dashboard users) to request a review move.

Click here to read the rest:
Technical issues with reviews? Read this first.

It also includes instructions for how to 'poke' a listing if you can't respond to reviews, but we've had some discussion about the fact that you don't seem to be able to do a 'poke' in the new dashboard???
I have not had time to go into my test account to investigate and try to figure it out yet though.
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