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Dec 9, 2014
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Has anybody else experienced this issue? One of my clients is asking and saying that several of her clients have noticed it.
Hi Holly,

I'm trying to man the Google forum since all the TCs are at the Summit. I've seen a couple missing reviews posts but no more than normal.
Hi Holly, per Linda, Google filters reviews. (LOL, Linda: "No more than normal.")

Now Google doesn't filter reviews as aggressively as its notorious rival in the reviews space (a site which rhymes with "welp"), but significantly still.

Joy Hawkins from this forum has put together the best list I've seen of possible reasons Google might filter a review:!topic/business/V6gq3PW-2ek/discussion

Could this be what you're seeing?
It's almost always related to the location the person is posting from. If you show them that thread Jon referenced maybe they can see if any of those describe how they are going about collecting them.
Hi Holly, per Linda, Google filters reviews. (LOL, Linda: "No more than normal.")

Haha Jon. What I meant is there are times when she cranks the filter way too high and then we get a big rash of complaints. But right now it's about the standard amount of review complaints.

Joy, now answering from the Summit during the big party - that's dedication!

Have a great time!
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to answer my question. I will take your responses back to my white-label client so she can forward them to her client.

You're the best - ALL of you.

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