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Jul 19, 2012
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Just saw this today on a 'Google My Business' search. Anyone else seeing it?


google my business search with feedback box.jpg
That's interesting. I'm not seeing it here (I tried on Chrome, FF, and Explorer). What are you using when you search?
Thanks so much for sharing Joe!

I've seen various people report it for other searches. I think it's for general search quality feedback.

Do you remember if you'd gone back and forth in the results or tried other related queries when that was triggered?
Hi Linda and Nikki,
I was using Chrome in an incognito window on a PC and was doing this search just so that I could get to the GMB login quickly.
I clicked on 'Somewhat Dissatisfied' hoping it would start a dialogue asking me why I was dissatisfied, but just received a 'Thank You' message.
I've tried reproducing this, but no luck. Probably just some random testing by Google.

I've also seen this on random searches in Chrome and Firefox. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason, at least that I can see at the moment, for when it is displayed. I did not take note if this feedback box displayed when I was signed in or not.

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