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Oct 17, 2018
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Saw this for the first time this morning:
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When signed in to our agency account, we get a list of business listings that we manage whenever we do floral-related searches (all the listings in this account are for our florist clients). Have not seen this before until today.

Few things of note:
  • The listings are not geographically specific- they seem to be from all over the place, even though our search is geo-specific.
  • It doesn't really matter the keyword search. We get a list for each search that includes florists, flower shops, flowers, flower delivery, etc.
  • The list is different each time.
  • Our other agency we have that deals with a wide variety of business types does not have this list pull up for any searches. Towing, locksmiths, attorneys, etc. do not prompt a list like this even though that agency account has multiple listings for those business categories.
It's not a super useful feature honestly since we know which businesses we manage already, but I still always take notice whenever Google adds in something new.
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Have not seen that yet. But yeah, my first thought was 'how is that actually useful?'. If I wanted to manage a listing I would go there directly.

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