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Feb 22, 2021
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What are your views on using Google Sites as the official website for a business? We have been noticing lately that some of our new clients have both the Google site and their usual website with a proper domain and hosting plan. Is it better to keep both? If we have a regular website, shall we delete the Google site for that business within the GBP dashboard?
Always preferential to have an independent site but for some small businesses the Google sites work just fine especially if most of their business is coming from the Local Pack anyway. I don't see a problem with keeping both. I have heard arguments about the Google site competing with the independent website in the search results but I have never seen evidence to support that stand. Another plus to having both is on brand searches, the Google site can show up further down the results and knock out something less valuable like a random directory or scraped business filing.
I don't see any issues using a Google site as an official website. However, I would recommend only 1 website for a multitude of reasons, mainly you do not want 2 websites competing for your brand terms or any organic terms you want to target. So I would probably delete the Google site and focus on the official website.

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