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Oct 15, 2013
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I did a thorough analysis of Google My Business Business.Site websites. Here's some of what I found:

- As of November 2017, Google is indexing over 900,000 Business.Site pages in their search index.
- Pages on Business.Site mainly rank for branded keywords.
Majestic is reporting over 1.7 million links to Business.Site pages, from over 14,000 domain names.
- Google is making a lot of money from paid search from businesses sending PPC traffic to their Business.Site web pages according to
- Google Analytics is not available on Business.Site websites–so local business owners have no idea how much traffic their website gets.
- A large percentage of traffic to Business.Site pages come from Google’s search engine. 70 percent of the traffic to Business.Site pages go right back to Google-owned websites.

Do Business.Site websites rank in Google? Well, no. They rank for branded phrases only.

Local businesses are spending over $100 per click to send traffic from Google AdWords to their Business.Site website, most likely using AdWords Express.

There's a lot more data that I've revealed in my case study. I've pulled data from SEMrush, Majestic, SERPstat, and SimilarWeb. What I find the most interesting, though, is that the traffic generally comes from Google-owned websites, and then goes right back to Google-owned properties. Only 30 percent of the visitors who visit a Business.Site website click to go somewhere else, other than Google.


I've posted the full 49 page case study here, where you can download it:

Case Study: Google My Business Business.Site Websites

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Hi Bill,

Thanks so much for sharing that study with us.
Can't wait to dig into it!

What do you guys think? Have you seen much or any benefit when clients use
Have any of you tried Google .sites for clients? What was your impression?
Line up with Bill's findings?

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