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Jul 5, 2016
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Hello to everyone,

Im hoping to get some opinions on the best way to go with a new business name to give me an initial boost in the Local Pack.

Heres the situation:

Im setting up a junk clearance/rubbish removal business.

I already purchased what I think is a good brand name, lets call it isnt that)

I bought a brand domain because apparently Google likes them and it will enable me to expand to other locations in the future by simply adding a /location page.

However after studying my local serps for searches like:

rubbish clearance location
rubbish removal location
house clearance location

Ive noticed that the local pack results are completely DOMINATED by EMDs and PMDs.

So I googled it and found a few posts on this forum that seem to confirm EMDs and PMDs are a major ranking factor.

But I want to have a brand so when I drive round town in my van, people will see my brand name , remember it and google me when they need help clearing some rubbish. Also it will enable me to expand in the future to other locations possibly.
So here are the options I'm considering:

(I have now bought several domains inc and and


Name business the same and GMB the same.
Build business using ranking advantage then 301 to after a couple of years and update citations.


Name business and GMB the same.

Link GMB to

Any thoughts appreciated as Im very confused about this ...


Hi Jeff,

Here is an older thread with lots of relevant opinions. (Note the difference is this is someone considering switching to an EMD not a new business deciding on domain.)

Anyway some great things to consider throughout.

<a href="">My client thought about starting all over</a>
Thanks Linda, some interesting ideas there !

I'm interested to hear what others think.

Im wondering if its worth starting with the PMD to get a ranking boost then switching to the EMD when I have some local brand awareness and maybe ready to expand ?

Kind of hoping to achieve best of both worlds :)
Its possible that some of those EMDs are spam listings as well. Spam.. meaning that the same business has multiple websites with different listings linking those websites.

Do a bit of investigating to see if this is the case. If it is, then chances are if you flag them, they will be removed, which in turn gives your listing room to move up.
I wouldn't bet everything on the domain alone being a big factor. Personally I would go with a branded domain as the main site, so that you build up more credibility with search engines and consumers. I think you would need to evaluate why those EMDs are ranking so well in the first place. The domain could help, but it may not be the biggest factor.

As long as people can easily remember the name, and identify that it's you then I would go with your gut.

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