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Thanks Linda,

Just for clarification, the 1st link is the most current and relevant guidelines for Local?

And are there ways to see the different revisions as sections have been added/altered or are the changes just made to the document and we have to keep an eye out for them?

Yes 1st is correct. No revision history. But if significant Mike usually posts the before and after guideline change.

I used to set up an alert any time changes were made to that page so I could see the difference immediately. It was an RSS alert and I lost it when Reader died. Can't remember what service I used.

Re the G+ guidelines, they are scattered and hard to find. Start here and follow links to other links:
Policies & Principles - Google
Linda - have you tried might replace the RSS feed functionality and delivers notifications to your inbox...
Thanks Margaret I've tried that one. Don't remember if that's the last one I was using. I think I still have it somewhere but I'm away from home and don't have my bookmarks right now. Will try to find and set it back up again when I have time. Wasn't too worried though because Mike always catches changes, so I find out that way if nothing else.

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