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Jul 27, 2012
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If a company has multiple locations, should the hCard code all be placed on the same page or should there be individual pages for each location (and only have the hCard code for that location on that page)?

ABC Company has 3 locations: Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

Should they have the hCard code for all 3 locations on the Contact Us page (or homepage). Or, should they create 3 pages (one for Philly, one for NYC, and one for Boston) and only have the hCard code for the Philly location on the Philly page (etc.)?
Hi Justin,

Thanks for asking a great question.

It's not just a matter of hCard but if using Schema or even if in plain text - multi-location businesses should not have location NAP mixed anywhere on the site, on the same page or you increase the likely hood of:
1) Google merging listings OR 2) Rankings disconnecting in blended due to location confusion.

Now SOMETIMES if there are only 2 locations you can get away with it. I don't recommend it, but it's possible if for some reason you can't get the site changed.

But more than 2 locations I think it's a MUST and best practice to have separate location pages.

So at top of site and/or footer and/or contact us, for the customer's benefit you can say something like:

We have 3 Locations to Serve you. Click the location that's most convenient:
Philadelphia, New York, Boston

Then on each location page add your hcard or Schema and embed a map, etc.

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