Colan Nielsen

LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
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Hello All,

What types of things do you ask your clients to do in order to help you do your job?

A couple that come to mind:

  • Respond to your reviews, or send us responses to post for you! Especially the bad ones!!!
  • Reveal ALL past NAP conflicts
  • Actually use the Review Handouts that we give you

What do you ask of your clients?

Scott Rawlins

Nov 14, 2012
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The main thing I ask of my clients is to have an open line of communication. It's frustrating when I can't the help of certain clients in order for me to do the best possible job I can do for them.

Your title says it all for me. I am constantly muttering to myself (certainly not to the clients directly) me help you.


Mar 20, 2014
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I always stress to my clients the importance of providing more sound content on their sites. It could be the main page or creating more blogs.

But not many of them are willing to do that. And it's frustrating. I don't feel comfortable writing about their service.


Oct 29, 2014
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I consider my service very turnkey. But the one thing I put on my clients, and about half do this, check-ins and +1's.

If they have a kid working the front desk, I say "everyday I see you texting, take 20 secs to check-in" "uhh how?" "youre 22, college educated, dont **** with me."

Some have large staffs and you have to explain it sometimes. But often owners, big and small, will impress upon their staff to do it. And every month I can look on yelp and see if anyone is checking in. If that metric doesnt move...I tell the owner. Ta-dah.

Paul lovell

Nov 12, 2014
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the main thing that i ask of my clients is that they keep me upto date on everything that they are doing marketing wise and to keep upto date with the latest news within there industry.
that way I can make little changes to incorporate this into what i do for them:D


Oct 14, 2012
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At a minimum, I ask that clients respond to emails and return phone calls. ;) But sometimes even THAT is tough for some of them!

For content, I've found it effective to literally spoon feed content ideas to the client, get them to okay the ideas, write the content and send it to them for approval.

The most difficult task I find is getting them to consistently ask for reviews. It seems they ask for reviews a few times, get discouraged, and want to give up.


Mar 14, 2013
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Talk to their front-line staff (support & sales) and talk to their customers.
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