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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, I started doing SEO one month ago with my close friend/younger brother's new site. I do one weekly blog and about 25 monthly high DA backlinks. This is the bud's site:

Can you guys give me a checklist/advice on the fastest way I can get him into the local pack for his kw's please? Thanks.
Hey @mikepcservice I did a search for those kw's with my search location set to Queens and a couple things jumped out:
  1. Almost every listing that ranks well in the 3-pack and local finder has keywords in their business name. Most of them seem keyword stuffed so I would do some spam fighting work there.
  2. Your primary GMB category is "Furnace Repair Service". The majority of competitor listings across both searches are using "Heating Contractor" or "HVAC contractor" I'd test changing the primary GMB category.
I think focusing on that alone, to start could have a dramatic impact.
Thanks Colan, I had it set to Heating Contractor initially, it was only yesterday morning that I added the new categories after watching a youtube video on local pack domination. I have switched it back..
Hey guys, I looked at a few videos on this topic plus online tutorials and they all seem to suggest doing the same basic stuff:

Your On-page website optimization
Monthly quality Backlinking
Creating fresh and regular content with helpful articles for the reader
Creating and optimizing GMB page
Doing as many Local Citations
Doing Google Maps optimization
Managing NAP and Citations
Getting as many Reviews
Setting up Social Media accounts

but I am not sure doing all of the above works "for high competition niches" as everyone is doing this so what else aside from the list above can one do please?
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If everyone else is doing those things, it means that is the minimum you need to do to just get even. Have to get the basics done first.
So from your answer Yan, I am guessing that there is nothing else to do?

Ok, please clarify 2 things for me guys.

For Service providers who don't have a physical location, who do only onsite work, is there any need to do any of the "maps" optimization like google maps, bing maps e.t.c?

Also, regarding Social Media, should one open accounts on all of them or only facebook?
Hey Mike,

I'm actually working on a presentation I'm doing at LocalUAdvanced next month that is all about strategies we've used for service area businesses that work well. If you're able to attend the event, you'd likely get a lot out of that session. I'll try to share my presentation on here after (if I can remember lol).
Thanks Joy but no way I can physically attend that presentation as I'm in NY but if ever a webinar, that I can do.
How are you getting 25 high DA backlinks every month? An experienced SEO working full time for one client would have a difficult time achieving that.

Hey guys, I started doing SEO one month ago with my close friend/younger brother's new site. I do one weekly blog and about 25 monthly high DA backlinks.
I have a guy who specializes in back linking 'without software', he does it for me each month. After looking at a great SEO video yesterday I am now looking into the possibility of PBN links.
Sounds very risky to me. Possibly ineffective too. You'd do better to focus on getting local backlinks via community involvement.

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