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Jun 6, 2018
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So guys, I haven't really done any SEO on my pc repair site for a while now and seeking to start doing so again. I would like to dominate my immediate neighborhood first and I have done what I think is the best or great kw's research I myself can do for this. If anyone or more of you guys might be willing to have a 'conversation' with me please let me know so I will be able to share my kw research in the Conversation? You can pm me if interested and I can start the conversation.

I will simply have a few specific questions which I am sure you Pros here can easily answer and maybe we can make it a case study?
If you have specific questions you can ask them here and people can answer, probably better than asking for a conversion.
If you have specific questions you can ask them here and people can answer, probably better than asking for a conversion.

Ok then, if it should be allowed to post the site in question here publicly as a case study even better, thank you! I am getting my main blog written, soon as the writer should be done with it and it's live I will post back here.
So guys, I have had a pc repair site for some time now but never did too much SEO for it but got no choice but to do it now to get the financial help.

This is my site here which was built by me, I realize that it's not the best but I did what I can and would like to make any needed edits which can help me rank and dominate.

I am thinking to first dominate my immediate neighborhood with google local Serps and the 3-pack in South Ozone Park, Queens, NY then add the adjoining towns? I have started doing some backlinking from relevant high DA sites and also blogging.

I have done too much studies with courses, youtube tutorials and articles on the net I am thinking so my mind is all over the place as way too many different strategies and opinions from different marketers. This is a map of my County [Queens] attached and this is my GMB:

I am greatly in need of some proper guidance with a strategy which will actually work for this so if any of you Pros can guide me it will greatly appreciated.


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