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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, a while back I had looked into this topic but was told that it depends on google if it will show the orange colored stars below the site's url. However this one company in the attached pic, every listing they have shows the stars consistently so any idea how this can be done please?

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.17.11 AM.png
Unclear...have you added review schema to the pages yet, or it has been added and Google does not want to show it?
Yes I had someone do the Schema stuff a long while back for my site but it wasn't displayed, at least not as consistently as with this company
Have you tested that your schema is valid?
You need to have the review schema in there. Not sure that you do with that screenshot.

Check the example (tabs) on this page to see if you have something similar.

Or just share the page with us and we can take a look.
I don't see the markup, but it probably wouldn't show for the home page anyway.
I know had a Schema done but last 2 questions on this please, are there different schemas so maybe what was installed was not a specific "review" schema?

If yes to the above, would installing a review schema give a consistent display for all kw's listings?
It goes page by page. I checked a few pages and did not see any review schema. It might be there but I didn't see it.
You cannot add it on the home page.
Once it is in the code, it does not matter which keywords are used. If the page is shown in the Google results, it will show the stars.

To add it in the code, you should have a review on the page that matches the information that is in the schema.
OK, I appreciate the help guys, will look into this. One guy told me there is a premium plugin for this which I will look into also.
If you are able it is preferable to add the code directly into page(s) instead of using a plugin. Less boat on the site.
If you are able it is preferable to add the code directly into page(s) instead of using a plugin. Less boat on the site.
This is always preferable if you have the time/resources or development abilities to build the schema to auto update. I wouldn't really want to go in and manually add the schema to each new review as they come in.

But, I have absolutely no clue if any plugin will do that for you either, so manual implementation may still be the way to go. I am lucky spoiled enough to have devs build autopopulating markup for me.
Understood guys and good point on the Auto-updating for future reviews, I will discuss with a developer who can do this for cheap.

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