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Nicole Basham

Jun 2, 2020
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One of our clients started asking for weekly reporting during March after things got pretty serious because of Covid. At the time, I noticed some weird numbers when I'd pull GMB Insights.

At one point, I was even pulling numbers daily towards the end of the month to try to get a sense as to what was going on with GMB calls.

One thing I've never really gotten a handle on is how early you can start pulling GMB data for reporting purposes for it to be the most accurate? For some channels there isn't much of a delay, but for GMB I've felt more comfortable with a 5-day cushion.

I've had a hard time finding anything published with a real solid recommendation, so thought I'd see if folks are generally pulling data right after the month ends or waiting a bit. Want to balance getting reporting to clients as soon as possible with getting the best snapshot of the data that is possible.

Thanks in advance for any insights you might have!

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