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Nov 25, 2016
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Hey team,

I have a question - my client has a personal website from many years ago that brings in a lot of inquiries. However, they are asking how we make sure that the main site is ranking higher than that site in search engines so that they find her on the main firm website. Can you help?
Kill that site and do a redirect to the other?
Hi @Fskaff

Let me share more details on this.

They search for their name (name + lawyer) in Google and their personal website comes first along with the GBP profile of their name.

The personal website only ranks when they do a name search. Name search itself has a 140 search volume and that brings good business as well.

I thought to optimize their main website attorney profile page as well as link to the personal GBP profile link on the page (quite tricky, I hope it's a white hat).

If we can send a signal to Google that if someone search for “name + lawyer ” the relevant page would be the attorney profile of the main website.

Their personal website doesn’t look good so how if we can redesign it to one page and try to send users on the main site?

Any suggestions are welcome.
The only thing I came up with if you are going to keep both sites, is schema markup on each side. John bla blah blah from https:// may be in the author section and same for the other they point at each other. That is the only thing i could think of in this situation.

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