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Mar 18, 2022
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How is this guy getting away with all these descriptors in his company name?
I have changed it to the correct company name AND used the redressel form.
But is just keeps on coming back.
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Unfortunately this is just the way it works. You change it, then they change it back, rinse and repeat.

What I have found to work is to keep changing it until you hit 10 to 12 times. Then submit a redressal explaining how many times you entered the correct business name and they changed it to include spammy keywords. I also include a screenshot taken from my Gmail email account showing all of the times that you fixed their name to the correct name and the change was accepted. If you search in Gmail for their business name it should come up showing all the of those emails in a nice list with the date and their business name in the subject line saying that the change was approved. This has worked for me to get listings removed completely. But it takes time and a long history of them changing the name back.

Edit: I just changed his name to the appropriate business name and my change was published. I apologize that anyone else reading this won’t be able to see how spammy his name was if they click on your link.
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Yes, their name is correct now because I just changed it. I’m sure they will change it back to add the spammy keywords soon.

Using the redressal form has never worked for me until I had corrected the name 10+ times and showed that they continued to change their name back to being spammy.

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