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Jan 27, 2013
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Original title: ""Do not show my business address on my Maps listing" enabled - Google showing my address on Mobile Search."

I've been trying to get my places listing enabled when it's been on "Being reviewed" for MONTHS.
I've sent email after email via the help dialogue in Google Places and now today I go to test and I find my HOME ADDRESS, which I configured NOT TO SHOW is being displayed when I search on mobile.
When I

Read the rest at the Google and your Business Forum...

Feel free to weigh in below.
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I changed the title to: "Re: How Many F Bombs Can you Drop on Google When you are Really Really Mad?"

I count 9. Plus there's a threat at the end.
"Remove my f'ing address from any search or I come to your office address..."

Attaching a screen shot because his previous rants were deleted, so maybe by the time you read this and click the link it will be gone.


WOW this guy is MAD! In a way I don't blame him, however he's a great example of someone who has not taken the time to just try to find the tools that are right there. He's ranting about no phone support, but of course there is. It's just kinda hidden and not very obvious, but it's there.

Plus Trebbles one of the TCs told him how to get help, but I doubt he'll listen. People like this don't really want help they just want to rant.

His previous rant in September that got deleted was titled:

And I know in that post TCs told him how to get support too. Sad...

In all fairness, the Support options are still relatively new and hard to find. We (and Google) might think it is plain as day, but regular users get overwhelmed.

Google is notorious for designing for engineers, not people.

ie. I'm pretty technically competent and I cannot figure out how to use Gmail.
Yes I agree Keenan.

I said: "It's just kinda hidden and not very obvious" and I'm the one that kept harping at them that moving the troubleshooter out of "Fix a Problem" and putting it under "Contact Us" was not as discoverable as they think it is.

I don't think people think they can really contact Google so I think they don't even check there.
Maybe if it said "Get Support".
It's a common complaint I hear, even amongst people who do know one end of the computer from another.
(I've felt like this guy a time or two)

And treebles has the patience of a saint when he replied to this guy.

I think they've spoiled us with such an easy user interface for the search engine, we kinda want that "read my mind and do what I mean not what I say" in Google+.

One day... Just click your heels together three times...
Don't know, but I think this guy beats the previous guys F bomb record. He even uses the C word. :rolleyes:

Changing ANYTHING tells me I need to request a new PIN. WTF? - Google Groups

Just one small part:

Every single day I am getting pissed off and stressed because of stupid *** businesses like Google treating me like this.


What is it? Google Plus? Google Local? Google Places? What in the *** one are you picking information up from to show in results... How in the *** am I meant to, as a business owner dealing with a million other ***ing things, get my ***ing head around this ***ing NIGHTMARE.


I mean I kinda get the frustration but it's a little over the top and futile to let yourself get that upset. Plus none of the dashboards make you re-verify for every little change. Just NAP changes. So not sure what the deal is.
I have to admit....that gave me a nice laugh heading into the weekend.
LOL I grew up in Jersey (Jersey Shore anyone?) F bombs are the native language.

It could be this person is from Jersey and just conversing in the native dialect. ;)
Actually I thought of you when I read this, Dave.

Your G frustration and the convo we had about pity the poor SMBs trying to figure this all out.
Haha, I didn't even notice any F bombs in your post.
I was just referring to the general frustration.

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