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Jun 28, 2012
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Good solid post from Neil Patel at Search Engine Land. Nothing earth shattering or new really, but he brings up some great reminders we should all keep in mind.

<a href="">How Not To Do Local SEO In A Post-Pigeon Era</a>

Google's Pigeon algorithm update changed the way local SEOs do business -- or at least, it should have. Columnist Neil Patel discusses how we should be breaking old habits and refocusing our local search tactics.

I left this comment:

Great points all Neil!

I also think post-Pigeon Google is looking at a wider range of signals to help determine a companies prominence, popularity and worthiness to score a precious spot in the pack.

In my Local Search Pro G+ Community we've been looking at lots of Local SEO puzzles trying to figure out why a company gets the A spot that does not seem to have much going for it. (Unclaimed G+ page, new site, low citations. no reviews, etc. ect.) In the last case we looked at it appeared the biz name had changed but the previous company was a fixture in that community for 22 years and was very popular. Same company, new name, site and G+ page, but Google connected the dots and this case it was the longevity of the business that won out.

What do you think???
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