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Jun 28, 2012
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The sticky side of G+ integration and what you need to know about account set-up and Google+ account profiles.
The New Google+ and How To Avoid Getting Your Business Account Suspended | Search Influence

As you all probably know by now, every Google account now has a personal Google+ profile associated with it. A common practice in SEO and setting up a Google Local listing in the past has been to create a Gmail account specifically for business purposes. This generally included using a business name as a First and Last name in the Google account setup. For example, if I owned ?Delicious Cupcakes Shop,? the Google account name would be Delicious (First) Cupcakes (Last), not Mary Silva.
What Changed?

Now we?ve learned, however, that with the new Google+ profiles being created for accounts, having a non-human name as your profile is grounds for having your account suspended and your Google services revoked. This includes having your account associated business page removed from search results. If your profile goes more than 60 days under suspension, Google will start to automatically remove your content from their system.

Learn more about Google+ Profile Suspensions - Google+ Help

Learn more about Name changes and appeals on Google+ - Google+ Help
Interesting post. I wonder if anyone here has ever experienced a situation where the G+ Local page was affected because of a G+ profile name violation.

I would be very interested to hear about it.

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