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Dec 6, 2018
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I'm with a manufacturer. One of our independent dealers had his listing suspended without explanation on Wednesday. How have you appealed this sort of situation?

Our dealer's listing is a Service Area Business who also works with customers in his garage. It has no signage due to local ordinance. His listing got suspended Jan. 11 for for that reason. Makes sense considering October's rule changes.

He removed home address from the listing per Google's request. Nothing happened. He followed up with a polite email on the 16th ( I read it. It was short and polite). Reinstatement was denied on the 23rd with a cryptic "It would not be possible for us to discuss specifics of why your business is not eligible for display on Google Maps..."

Has anyone dealt with something like this? My advice would be starting from scratch and explaining the situation to a new person. My 2nd suggestion would be posting on the Google community hoping a moderator intervenes. The email string i got shows the GMB Team member handling the case has curious language skills, uses stock sentences and doesn't understand the situation well.

Thank you.
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I'd suggest posting a thread on the GMB forum. I'd be happy to escalate it for you. If you don't have signs at the location, you need to be able to show Google where they can locate the business license to verify that it is in fact a real business.
Thank you very much, Joy. I contacted the dealer, Erin D, who will post on the GMB Forum. Erin is working a trade show this weekend but will attempt to do this today. It could be as late as Monday.

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