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Jun 28, 2012
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Image credit: Greg Gifford at the Search Engine Land link below.​

As you all know by now, the Google+ update leaves a lot of Local features out, including Reviews. And now none of the old Google Review links you've generated will work. So check any links on your site or emails that ask for reviews and change them with some of the suggestions below from Greg Gifford at Search Engine Land.

Greg shares how to use the Review Link Generator - in detail with screenshots.

And since just came on board as one of our new forum sponsors I wanted to be sure to share here too.

<a href="">How To Get Google Review Links After The G+ Update</a>

How To Give Customers A Link For Reviews

The only real shakeup with this update is the fact that the links we’ve been using for customer reviews will be broken. Since reviews aren’t a part of the Google Plus experience anymore, you can’t send customers there to leave reviews. Even worse, everyone’s favorite auto-pop-up-review-box trick (adding &review=1 to the URL) doesn’t work anymore, either.

All of the Local SEO experts started tinkering… links that popped up review boxes worked, but only if a user is signed in to Google. Other links worked regardless of being signed in, but only on desktop. After testing several different variations, a few people created automated tools to assist with review link generation. pushed out the tool that we’ve been using for all of our clients (and recommending to everyone). Head over to their Review Link Generator and follow these steps:

So head over to see the screenshots and Greg's step-by-step explanation.

And watch for our announcement about that's coming tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing, Linda--and a big thanks to Greg for the mention! I'm glad to see our little tool easing the pain of Google changes.

I'm not yet sure how I feel about seeing my mug popping up on the banners around here, LOL. Anything for the company, I suppose :)
I'm not yet sure how I feel about seeing my mug popping up on the banners around here, LOL. :)

Haha. I think your mug adds some personality to this place Jon. :) It's great to see the face of a real person in a banner instead of just marketing copy.

FYI all, here is the announcement I promised that shares a lot more about and the white label solutions it offers.

<a href="">White-label ORM & Review Management Solutions by</a>

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