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May 31, 2019
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We have a Facebook page for the main parent brand.
Each location has an official DBA to add the city name to the brand. (I'm sure you know why).

On Facebook, we have stores with addresses in the backend.

We used to have this as a tab that showed a map with the locations publically, even though they don't let you edit the name and force Main Page Name (City, State).

BUT...I just noticed this option is not showing publicly anymore and I don't see options like edit the template/tabs that Facebook used to have. And, all articles I can find reference these options, which I don't have anymore.

The purpose of these pages is just local SEO/NAP. Social isn't an important channel for us for acquisition.

Should I remove the stores (since they aren't showing anyway) and set up separate Facebook pages for each location?
What is your more current local SEO advice for multilocation Facebook page?!

The page > Log into Facebook

Thank you!!
Thank you for the reply!

I have access to both, but I think stores had to be set up in though.

I can see the Location Page link on as admin, which it sends me to to edit the locations. None of the settings on either page show an option for templates/tabs like before.

Manage page options from Admin:

Manage section settings from

Store location with store page sections (

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