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Mar 20, 2015
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How do you tell if a google business page is verified?

page in question is:

Rodrock HomesPlace ID ChIJf2dPGpOUwIcRi-sNgtC8gYo
9550 Dice Ln, Lenexa, KS 66215, USA
When you see the KG or the G Maps listing, an unverified listing will have "own this business?" and a verified one will only have "Suggest an Edit". If you're referring to this one, it's claimed and verified.

Google Maps
thank you!

is there anyway to obtain the google page url for this listing (if i don't have access to their google account)?

I am trying to provide this prospect an online audit and need a url to input into semrush.

thanks again.
Thanks Scott!

1. How can you tell the difference, by inspection (without being able to log into their account) between a G+ brand page and a G+ local page?
2. You see two G+ brand pages?
3. Is that why i didnt see the normal sidebar business local info when i searched for their company name?

best regards!
1. I think you are referring to the same thing. G+ Brand is G+ Local.
2. Yes, the 2 I have listed in the previous post.
3. Some search terms return a knowledge graph and some don't (for whatever reason, but if you add geo to that search, it comes up.

Rodrock Homes Lenexa KS

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