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Jun 28, 2012
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Join the Conversion Revolution - Partner with Zoho SalesIQ

I'm excited to introduce you to our newest forum sponsor: Zoho SalesIQ

As an SEO consultant you drive heavy traffic to your client's website! But once the visitors land on the site, are they getting the right platform to reach out and engage with the company so your clients can turn them from a traffic stat into a sale?

Behold Zoho SalesIQ - the engaging platform for powerful website conversions
Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat software with website visitor insight & tracking facilities that lets your clients to engage with the visitors you send them in a meaningful way. SalesIQ has 100,000 customers all around the world. SalesIQ is the only visitor tracking software that has partnered and integrated with Godaddy to provide the best website visitor engagement for their users.

Partner with SalesIQ for 15% recurring revenue for a lifetime on your clients. You also get SalesIQ to boost sales on your own site (value $1.6K) Plus $1.2k worth of other Zoho apps and more.


Partner with Zoho SalesIQ & Help Convert SEO Visitors into Sales
Maximize the ROI of your SEO efforts & automate visitor engagement
Then let us help maximize the conversion process

SalesIQ Features:

.:. Easy setup and customization

.:. Track and engage visitors
Geo locate visitors & track footprints. Identify new vs returning visitors. Start chats based on visitor activities.

.:. Live chat software
Real time monitoring. Automated visitor engagement. Actionable analytics. Prioritized list of visitors.

.:. Visitor insights and lead scoring

.:. Massive engagement via Zoho CRM
Actionable insights. CRM based pro-active triggers. See previous interactions. Assign follow up actions in CRM.

.:. Sell smarter and close deals faster!

So to recap the main features: real time website visitor insights, identifying and prioritizing leads based on their score, live chat software, intelligent triggers, actionable analytics. Along with Godaddy, there are other exclusive integrations with Ecommerce, social media, analytical tools and much more.

And as a partner you'll even get SalesIQ to help YOU convert more leads for your own business!
This gives you a wrold class communication platform so your site visitors can reach while they are hot and wanting more information, or if they have a question.

To learn more, visit the Zoho SalesIQ Partner Page

Please join me in welcoming Zoho to our forum! Ambi Moorthy is the product manager for the SalesIQ Partner Program. He'll be by later today to introduce himself and say hi.

This is a copy of the main announcement in the Zoho forum. This thread is closed.

Please see discussion and ask questions at the main thread here.
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