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Jul 25, 2012
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Hey Linda and all,

Thought you might find this one interesting!

You can see the company name is the knowledge graph result. Then if you click through, it only lists one result for a competitive search!


This all happened after we got a phone call from Google Maps confirming our location. This was on the 2nd Jan, so if they called any other companies, I doubt they were working!

Have you seen anything like this before?

Enjoy :)

Thanks for posting zurron, that is interesting!

Let us know everyone if you see this anywhere else or if you think it's just a fluke with this one.
When I do this search I do not get the map on the right if that is what you are talking about. When I click through to maps I see a large number of results.
We are still getting the same result here. Are you searching ?
since we're in the US, i don't think we'll get the map.

still i don't see the what the big deal is, you've got a plus box result (under the organic listing), the corresponding map result looks like an extension of the plus box, not a knowledge graph.
Agree - I dont see any knowledge graph. That is what I am trying to duplicate...and I dont see it in the screen shot either.

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