Mar 30, 2020
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Hi guys, I am trying to improve the structure of my website, since it only had about 5 pages and 15 posts and most of them were written incorrectly, or with similar content, I have decided to redo the website before it is too big.

The page below is an example. I'm not going to reveal which airport I work at. But suppose I do it in Alicante, a province of Spain, and that my best word is Alicante Airport Transfers, which is what I am currently trying to position on the home page, since it is where the lead is and the attractive design for the reservation.

Later, I found potential long tail words, which I want to add on the home page as "popular destinations" and these destinations are "Alicante airport transfer to some destination"
Of these there are some 15 that register searches of between 100 and 700 monthly searches (keyword everywhere)
And 10 others that have a volume less than 100 or even n / a.

Do you think I do well to create landing pages without categorization? it would be more of a horizontal structure.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance,

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Dec 8, 2014
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@patitos I think this looks good!
What do you think your blog posts will be about compared to "related articles each place"?

Use your Google Search Console to help guide you on questions for your FAQ.

I did a similar query for Mexico and it jogged a few more ideas:
  1. the first SERP result tells me that this page contains a whack of info - the price, the fact that this is quickest method of transportation, it's available 24/7 - these are all questions I would have so I am going to click through to this page because it appears to answer all of my questions. BTW, regardless of price I am likely to do business with a site that answers all of my questions (which you will because you have an FAQ).
  2. Use "people also ask" to ensure you have content on those topics, regardless of how low the search volume is - if it is relevant, include it
  3. Get yourself known in third party sites such as Trip Advisor - that was a huge influencer on my decision as to which company to use.
  4. Get a link from the airport website if possible :)
Good luck!


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