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Oct 24, 2019
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Hi all,

Something that's been perplexing me for some time... This is the scenario I am quite often in:
  • I have joined a local Facebook community group as myself, not my page.
  • The group accepts pages as members
  • I cannot find a way to join as my page after I've joined as myself. My workaround is to leave the group as myself, then join as the page, then join again as myself (the default option).

Facebook's FAQs don't seem to help - I just can't see a way to change who I am joining as, and I've tried both apps and the desktop web interface.

Does anyone have any tips?
I’ve never heard of pages being members of groups... is this something you see as a fb feature or is it written in group FAQs/description? Sometimes group admins don’t really know the capabilities so they say things in their descriptions or FAQs that aren’t possible.... can you share a screenshot from the group where it says this?
Huh - I just looked and it works for some - but not all groups. I checked 10, only 2 would allow pages. Must be some sort of setting at the admin level for the group.

If a group's notes say pages can join - but the capability isn't there - then its likely they don't have the settings right. I noticed if you hover over the +Join and it says "pages can now join groups" then it has the capabilities - but its pretty rare from what I'm seeing

Then when you click on "Join" it gives you the pages options:
Is this even possible for pages to be the members of a facebook group? I think you are wrong.

Hi Helena. Yes it definitely is possible as long as the group setting permits it.

See my reply on the 27th March for the links to the related Facebook FAQs 😃
It´s a common bug. My group members experienced this issue as well. I just disabled the option to join as a page. Real people talking to each other leads to better overall user experience.

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