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Jan 9, 2018
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Since August 2023 my GMB traffic appears to have collapsed, though Google's opaque stats are unclear. None of this is good, but it is not clear to me whether I am now showing less in the Google 3 pack. And I certainly do not know what to do about it. Any advice would be most appreciated.

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What industry and country is this? Is year-over-year down for the same month? I know November and December suck for lots of industries.

Are you seeing less lead volume at the business or are the metrics just showing a decline?
I work on a few of our lawyer clients (mainly family + personal injury) and there have been some seriously major changes in the SERPs in the last few months. If you aren't seeing ranking declines to match the traffic declines though and if your lead volume isn't lower, I wouldn't stress about it.
Were there any recent changes in disability law or progams? If not it might work to refresh content to reflect where volume went?. Maybe "disability lawyer near me" is a better funnel today than one of your existing ones, etc. (whereas not last year, hard to say)

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