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Aug 29, 2013
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I've just found out (after Googling my web address) that I have another + Business page.. in addition to my main one.

I suspect it may have something to do with the option I chose a couple of months ago to claim my vanity URL as the address of my Google + business page. Although this second one looks strange because it is missing any description and the tile looks like it has been autofilled with just my URL (I certainly didn't create it anyway)

I know someone is going to ask me for the links, but being a private kind of person is there anyway someone can offer advice to see how I can resolve this prior to linking my details. Alternatively, if it's not doing any harm having this other page, shall I just leave it?

Totally depends and can't guess without seeing it, sorry.

But dupes usually hurt your ranking.
Hi Linda, ok..

This is my correct listing with my custom URL, reviews, logo etc

This is the other one I've just discovered. Don't know how long it's been there or how it was created:

I'm wondering if some kind of duplicate issue was caused when I opted to claim my custom URL, as I remember at the time you could still reach the listing via the old long numerical URL after I had started using the custom URL. But if so, presumably that glitch would have also affected lots of other users and you would know about it..
Thanks for sharing the links. I need to look because sometimes for example the other page is not even local, just a G+ remnant page.

But in this case it looks like a scraped dupe. It is a Google+ Local dupe so def could affect your ranking or mess you up somehow.

Easiest way to deal with it is to call support.

Phone support hours are Monday - Friday, 6 AM - 5 PM PST. Wait til then. Be logged into the account the listing is in, then click here: Click the BLUE "Call us" button at the top during those hours.
Hi Linda, thanks for the info..

I just logged in and followed your link to Support, and I was prompted to submit a form to report the duplicate listing, and I didn't actually get the chance to see the phone number or call support. Hopefully that's ok, or would you suggest I retry until I can physically speak to someone on the phone?
There isn't a blue Call Us button on top?

Is your account set up with English as primary language?

Try again in a couple hours and if no call button need to use the online troubleshooter but I thought phone support was available in UK too.
Pretty sure I'm set up as English primary language, never seen any other language when I log in.

There was a little image of a telephone headset, but when you click it automatically prompts you to go through the online troubleshooter, which I did. Then when I clicked on the phone/headset image I just got another message saying 'thanks for submitting etc.. someone will be dealing with it soon', 'be in touch if we need more info.. etc etc'

Is there a phone number? Or shall I just wait now I've reported it via the online troubleshooter...or is that now going to be something like a 6 month wait to get the duplicate removed, as opposed to immediately if I phone?
Hey Linda, if you're still around on this one.. I was forced to submit my duplicate report via the online troubleshooter, no way to call. If I clicked on the 'contact us' button it just brought the online troubleshooter back up (just tried again now). Therefore I can only assume we in the UK don't get the option to call directly.

Any idea how long the wait tends to be on average before someone actually reads my duplicate report and deletes the duplicate? Thanks
Check your settings to be sure they are English.
Are you sure you were doing it during US PST hours???

I don't know how long the email troubleshooter back up is these days because everyone I know uses phone now. But I just saw someone on the G forum who's been waiting 3 weeks or so for help.

But once they help you and do whatever with the dupe it can still take a few weeks for it to resolve on live maps sometimes.
My settings are "English" and language variant "United Kingdom" and I made sure by a couple of hours that I logged in during US PST hours which is about 8 hours behind me (having Googled it before hand).

Three weeks isn't so bad, as long as it's not months I don't mind waiting a bit.

I was definitely not given an option to phone. What happens when you click the 'Call Us' button you've referred to? Does it display an actual phone number or does it automatically make a call over the internet?

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