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Sep 27, 2012
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As Google continues to move towards semantic search, it seems the local community still relies on targeting key terms to deliver qualified traffic to websites. Aside from using the geo-identifier on your terms, what kind of methods are you using today? What methods were you using to find those money terms prior to changing methods, if you did change methods?

I'm always looking to be sold on different methods for researching keywords. I've experimented with tools (pre-data) to winging it and analyzing data (post-data), as well as AdWords campaigns.

I still like small AdWords campaigns and using their granular data to see the post-data for the terms people use. I tend to use the targeted term in "quotes" while running a search query to see how many websites target said term. Lastly, I use Searches Related at the bottom of the SERP's page for additional ideas.

What's the method to your key term research madness?
I like taking a few minutes to check out customer reviews (for any companies in the industry) too, sometimes the words they use can help open up new directions. Obviously talking to the business owner, and anyone else I can rustle up that's super knowledgeable about the industry is helpful too. This is something I'm interested in too, looking forward to seeing everyone's answers.
No. But if you check out the other 97th floor decks you will find another deck that goes further down the rabbit hole teaching you how to also do gap analysis between your link profile and that of top serp leaders. The gap analysis is also important if you are trying to truly measure, or should I say, identify the lowest hanging fruit with the most upside.

The other deck wasn't by Chris however. I believe that it was another employee at the firm.

Something else; quit doing keyword research by adding geo modifiers. It's pointless. Bucket queries by topical relevance. Answer the needs of consumers with content. Then splash the geo modifiers into urls, titles, meta and copy after the fact. Geo modiers carries 0 weight in the consumers mind. They are misnomers. Customers only add them when the seach engine does a poor job of serving results close to searcher. Or when they are in Portland but going to visit Austin and therefore need to add geo to replace those results from Portland to Austin.

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