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Jan 3, 2020
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Here's the situation:
"ABC Company" has a GBP and is located in the US. "ABC Group" is located outside of the US and does not appear to have a GBP, but has a Knowledge Panel.

Google is confusing the two and when doing a brand search for "ABC Company" it has their GBP data in the Knowledge Panel, BUT also includes: Products, Distributor, Parent Organization, CEO. All of which are not in their GBP dashboard and are from ABC Group (based on their website), which is not affiliated with them.

It appears that Google is confusing the two, although they are in different companies in different countries. How do you go about asking Google to fix this issue and remove the incorrect business information?

The information isn't in their dashboard and I've tried "suggest and edit" and those items aren't there to edit. Any ideas on how to get Google to remove this? Thanks!

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Hi @JeffClevelandTN I'm doing well. Hope you are too!

I'll pass these links on to the business. After talking to them a bit more, they said that there was a business name change and this showing up in their KP happened just after. Hopefully, they can go through the steps and get it resolved.

Thank you!

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