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May 4, 2014
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I am in need of some ideas for places to put backlinks of my business on locally. Right now I have a few lawyers and chiropractors and I can't personally think of any good sites to create backlinks of there business on locally.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
I started thinking of "Backlinks" as any sort of reference to the site, so this strategy may or may not be what you're looking for.

I always start with a search [city] + [service] + directory (example, burlington chiropractor directory). You'll get the usual suspects (yelp, goldbook, etc.) but then some local ones as well (Burlington, Ontario - Your One Source for Burlington - Burlington Ontario | Information Community Guide | Local Directory showed up for that search). Generally they're free to add clients to & even if they provide a nofollow backlink, it's still a good local tip to Google.

Another way to do it is to look at competitors backlinks, and similar professionals backlinks (dentists, if your clients a chiropractor). They might have backlinks from general health care website you can list your clients on too!

Hope this helps :)
Local event sponsorships are underutilized in local back-linking campaigns (IMO).
There were some great link building tips during the recent webinar. Greg Gifford dropped some insight near the end about seeing great results from highly relevant local links even if they come from a website with low domain authority.
One thing I have learned to do is it go to the existing sponsors page, choose one of the companies that is linked and then go look at their backlink profile to see what the domain/page rank is for the link given for that sponsorship.

In this I have discovered some sites where the link does not transmit (not because it's no follow but more like a redirect way they set up links).

I feel like i spend so much time trying to find local links (yes I do the check competitor back link profile) and then realize it won't work for some reason or another (cost/timing).

I wish there was a less time consuming more cost effective white hat way.

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