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Jun 28, 2012
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Quick Saturday share...

Just discovered a fantastic resource I had not seen before.

<a href="">Citation Building Strategies - The Complete List For Local Businesses</a>

Just the kind of natural citations and creative thinking that can make the difference!

Great job Benjamin Beck!!!
I'm a huge fan of this resource.

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Duh, I was jumping all over the place today compiling resources for my new GMB training and could not remember where I saw that one when I decided to share it here. Had like 30 windows open.

Just realized your presentation is where I saw it today, so should have given you a h/t Darren.

Discovered at Darren's presentation below, which I will be sharing in more detail next week when more folks are online.

<a href="">How to Not Suck at Local SEO - MN Search Summit 2014</a>
Oh, no hat tipping expected, but thanks for the share!

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I THOUGHT it looked vaguely familiar. Should have checked. :eek:

I already shared back when it 1st came out.

<a href="">Big List Citation Building Strategies</a>

There's too much good info out there for me to store in my little 1G pea brain! :p

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