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Not that I know of Jose and I'm not hearing about an upswing in deleted listings.

But it does appear they deleted your Local/maps/Places part of the page, just leaving a G+ social page.

Is your address valid on that G+ listing? Because in streetview it does say Locksmith on the storefront but it says Pepe's Locksmith. Is there another locksmith at that same location? Or did you change names and not repaint. That could cause problems if there was a manual review.

Plus your name still has city in it on that page. Had you deleted Chicago from the name back when the guidelines changed?

I'd just contact phone support directly. They are the only ones that can explain why they deleted the listing or possibly reinstate it.
HI Linda
for a few days now I wanted to bring it up here but with the kids on a winter break who have time to breath :)
For some time now I'm monitoring the service industries locals ( Plumbers , locksmith, towing ) and a few more and I can defiantly confirm a MAJOR spam cleanup on the locksmith category of the locals.
ill attach a sample of "Locksmith Dallas " and "Locksmith Houston " for you guys to see , as you all remember those area you couldn't see the actual map from all the red dots on them and now they all cleaner then I can ever remember, and the one that are on the maps are the actual local guys , mobile and shops but according to my stats 80%-90% of the fakes are gone , let's see how long it will last this time , I think it is related to the lawsuit by the guy from Washington DC few months back and Google clean up their act

locksmith dallas tx.jpg

locksmith houston.jpg

locksmith atlanta.PNG
Good to know Bozak. We like it when spam gets cleaned up as long as she does not throw too many babies out with the bath water.
Ye I had a few clients got caught in the net and after a call to GMB they reactivate them today just like Omega locksmith should do , but all and all thy really on target this time
I called them and they issued a trouble ticket told me possibly by Friday will reinstate

Did they explain why you were removed? Did you have violations or did they say it was a technical issue?
the guys that answer the phone dont really know thy need to escalate it to tech dept but thy did replay the SAME day ( yes unbelievable) and fix it , this is the replay email i got so you should be ok very soon:

Hi Bozak
Hope you're having a great day. This is Jeff with the Google My Business team in Ann Arbor, MI. I received your request, and I have your answer below. If you would like to chat further about your account, please reply to this message and I can reach back out to you.

I'm happy to report that the page for your business has been verified and is displaying appropriately

Please remember that newly-verified pages, as well as updates to existing pages by business owners, can take up to a week to appear on Google Maps, so we appreciate your patience while this processes. :) :) Hope this help you guys
Hey Jose,

Another Locksmith lost his listing and posted at the G forum.

I found his listing in cache and told him:

"Tom that description would look really spammy to Google. Locksmiths are under extreme scrutiny. Not sure they'd delete you for description spam but in combination with any other spammy signals they might.

Count how many times locksmith, lock, locked, Citrus and Fl are repeated in that short description."

So then I found your listing in cache and the same thing could be said:

"Our locksmiths service all of the Chicago area. We are a 24 hour emergency locksmith company in Chicago. Call us 773-277-5625 We do car key duplication at our locksmith shop located in Little Village at 4329 W. 26Th St, Chicago, IL. 60623

We offer services such as:

24 hour Chicago Locksmith
Services all local Area
Lost Car Keys
Ignition Repair
Car Lock Installation
Replacement Car Keys
Vehicle Locksmith"

Count how many times locksmith, lock, keys and Chicago are repeated in that short description.

Again not sure they'd delete you for description spam. But Locksmiths are under extreme scrutiny and in combination with any other spammy signals they might.

That's an easy signal the algo could flag that most spammy listings use - if they wanted to do mass clean up quickly. Then the ones that are legit and request re-inclusion, support could at that point check to see if the business was real and reinstate it?

(Just a theory, nothing to back it up. But knowing how Google thinks, I believe it's possible.)
Reinstated they also had me remove the older listing that was sitting in my DASHBOARD

they couldn't explain why I was deleted

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