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Jun 28, 2012
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Everyone (well almost everyone) needs to build their business and attract more new local search clients.
If you are booked solid, congrats!

But for the rest of you that still need more new clients, we have a wealth of info here in the "Consultants Corner" section of the Local Search Forum, so I wanted to surface some of the best posts and tips, to be sure no one missed anything.

Plus I just played with my 1st attempt at Kinetic Typography.
Not the greatest, but needed a post to go with it. ;)

OK so here's a round up of business building posts for your reading pleasure.
Then below the post please add any tips or ideas you may have.

<a href="">Brainstorm - Best Ways to Get Local SEO Clients Fast</a>
(The original brainstorming thread with 16 great posts.)

<a href="">Local Search Consultants: Stop Spinning Your Wheels & Get More Customers</a>

(Awesome slide deck & video presentation by Phil Rozek.)

<a href="">How to Expand My Local Search Business</a> (Some great advice from the pros.)

<a href="">Getting more clients?</a> (Couple good ideas.)

<a href="">How To Sell Your Local Search Services Like A Rockstar</a>

Read those posts you'll discover some great tips and advice from many local search pros.

OK, so now it's YOUR turn to share!

What have you tried?

What's working the best?

What new business building ideas are you planning to try???

(FYI I'll be trying to cross pollinate the best answers here & the Pro Community.)

P.S. I've been playing with graphics and animation software lately. If anyone is curious, I used a really cool new FREE online animation tool to generate the typography above. ANIMATRON

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Here are some comments from the Local Search Pros G+ Community so far.

Michael S. Doran: "My local Chamber of Commerce has been great for building my business."

Holly Powell: "My local networking group has been an incredible resource for me."

Jim Froling: "Local offline networking groups, including Chamber of Commerce, have produced the most and best quality clients."

I like all the face-to-face networking that you guys are using! I pity anyone that's trying to do telemarketing because the "Press 1 to rank high on Google or your listing will be deleted" scam calls would make it super hard to assure the gate keeper you are the real deal.

In person by building relationships and authority so much better!
Thanks for putting all these together for everyone to see Linda!
My company is up and coming. So far we've been cold calling in our neighborhood which has received some decent response.

We offer an analysis of their website and meet them (usually at Starbucks).

When we meet we pitch SEO with the analysis that we give them.

The in-person response is great. We've had a lot of interest and a couple of closes.
Thanks for sharing Erick!

More from the Pros on G+

Luke Austin
Has anyone used the local library seminars to leverage new business? I get a monthly Library Calendar and it has a number of different types of "classes" offered. Not sure what type of audience would attend these but it's usually free and puts you in front of potential clients. 

Dino Maiolo
I've been giving workshops. Also, my clients are pretty good at referring business. I'd be interested to know how many of you get business from SEO. My web marketing has been terrible. I don't do for myself what I do for my clients, mostly because I prefer to spend that time and those resources on them instead of me - but that may be changing.

Rich Owings
Being a co-organizer of our local WordPress MeetUp group and WordCamp has been a big help. Someone I met at the latter has sent a steady stream of referrals, as has a local Internet marketing agency that doesn't do local SEO.

Bingo Rich! I bet Wordpress groups are a great place to be!

Great ideas all of you guys!

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