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Sep 26, 2017
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Hey All,

Just curious what local marketers have tested and seen work when it comes to helping converting leads in to patients or at least getting the lead to take action when on your client's website.

What software and data are you looking at to determine what features, content, etc. to add to increase conversions.

How do you understand the customers journey to help them take action? I see a lot of SEOs talk about rankings, but not as much when it comes to conversions, which is the bottom line.



Jul 22, 2012
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Something that helps with content generation as well as closing the gap is keeping a log of pain points that are presented to the sales staff.

All you need is a shared Google Sheet and have the sales team log common reasons and you'll start to get content ideas and learn about potential logical gaps in your conversion path.
Feb 25, 2014
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We spend nearly as much time reviewing Google Analytics as we do working on SEO items. Configuring Goal Paths, Segments and constantly revising and revewing are critical on that end of things.

We work with a local Landscaping Company, and they've been spending nearly $2k/mo in AdWords, and since all their conversions happen offline via phone or in person, tracking the conversion is pretty tough. Sadly, whoever created their Ads really didn't pay attention to the Analytics and what was happening on the website.

They sell "Outdoor Kitchens" and entire backyard makeovers - and they were spending a pretty penny on Outdoor Living and Kitchen keywords etc, but the landing page was just their "services" page which had a brief paragraph on each of the things they did, then links to gallery pictures etc.

After reviewing Analytics and AdWords, which they were getting 400+ clicks into the Outdoor Kitchen category, the majority of people exited the page after landing on it. Less than 12% spend more than 30 seconds on the page also.

So there's clearly something "wrong" on the page - the main issue being, if people are searching for "outdoor kitchen ideas" and they land on a page with "we do that" - the query wasn't answered for the user, so they left the site.

So reviewing the pages people are going to, reviewing dwell time, browsing behaviour and what paths users are taking - this all leads to determine if the page is actually working.

With the patent end of things for your client, setting goal paths and the ability to download pre-registration forms, or PDFs that the user can fill out before visiting, would be good starts. Taking individual sessions and see just waht the user did is great too.

A heatmap/clickmap (clicky for example), is a great tool to help see just where people are clicking on a website and if the user is getting lost in information.

We do quite a bit of work with Chiropractors, and intake forms, what to expect etc are great goal points to review and see where the dropoffs are.

Also, never underestimate the phone call itself. Asking how they found you, what they liked or hated on the website and if there were any hangups or frustrations will give a very clear and direct picture on issues people are facing.

Colan Nielsen

LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
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Hey All,

Just curious what local marketers have tested and seen work when it comes to helping converting leads in to patients or at least getting the lead to take action when on your client's website.


Hey! This study review/interview with Joel Headley is worth checking out. It's all about increasing and measuring conversions (in the health care vertical) using Google Posts - How to Boost Bookings & Conversions with Google Posts - Moz

It's very insightful and has some action items that you can start implementing and testing tomorrow!

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