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Nov 25, 2013
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Hi guys, really enjoy the forum and plan on doing more posting in the near future!

I run a small local digital agency in Denver and we have been pretty much ignoring link building for local SEO clients. Other than the links that are built from citation building.

I wanted to try to start a discussion on how important you think link building really is for not just Maps rankings, but local SEO in general. We have been relying mainly on on-site optimization and blogging to achieve our rankings and have gone under the thought that finding quality links is more time than it is worth for local SEO.

Are we missing the boat here? Or are we on the right track?

Thanks guys!
Hi iFuse,

Glad you are enjoying the forum.

I'm with you. Except for uber competitive markets like Atlanta Personal Injury Atty I don't find that links are usually needed.

If you do really solid LOCAL onsite SEO and ensure the Place page is set up right with no violations or NAP issues. Then build or already have solid citations and a good base of reviews, in the majority of markets that's all it takes.

Plus even a couple years ago, when things weren't as sketchy as they are today, there was no one I would trust to build links. Today? I'd be terrified and would not even go there. Easy for links to backfire with today's algo and end up doing more harm than good.
agree with linda. in fact i have a site that's nearly 10 years old with over 10k links pointed at it last i checked. for years that would put me in 1st place. with this new algo they are for the most part, apparently worthless and or possibly harmful.

the only links i would focus on would be from other local businesses if you can talk them into writing a sentence about your business on their page and or get listed in a local partners type way.

don't spend a dime on PR anything you see on ebay, warrior forum etc. best case you're lighting money on fire, worst case it hurts your ranking

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