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Sep 25, 2018
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Hey there,

Hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries. I'm wondering if we couldn't create/invite Zoom sessions with 5-6 people introducing ourselves 'in person' and chatting over a cup of coffee/tea/lager about our work and the changes from recent events. I'm zooming family, friends and multiple school grades. Why not include my local sEO community.

Thoughts? Hope all are well! Monica
I'm game but I also want to mention that there are SEO Beer meetups in many cities. We just had one last night (virtually of course) in Asheville. You can see some here: seo beers - Twitter Search
There were some serious security issues with Zoom reported recently.

Have they all been resolved?

I don't know but I do know there are some ways to improve security, such as password protecting meetings: Meeting and webinar passwords

I used Meet last night and had one participant who couldn't access it on her computer and ended up joining by phone.

Our local WordCamp organizing team is having a meeting tonight on Jitsi Meet, which I haven't used before, so I'm curious how it will go.
@djbaxter A lot (if not all) of those issues were solved. Some of the issues were users not paying attention to their settings (ex. making the meeting recordings public).
I uninstalled Zoom after I read their response saying basically that "we grew faster than expected and and didn't pay enough attention to security".

That struck me as lame: So if it were only a few hundred or a few thousand users, using substandard encryption was fine? I don't think so.

Zoom has also acknowledged that the company's "end to end encryption" marketing practices masked the truth. AES-256 encryption was meant to be implemented to keep video calls secure, but instead, a substandard AES-128 key in ECB mode was actually in use. Encryption remains a sticking point that the company insists it is working on.
@djbaxter Yeah, I'm certainly not saying they did things perfectly, but I think with all of the media attention on them now, they have no choice but to do an extra-good job on security. It almost makes me trust them more than Skype or others because there's not as much media scrutiny on those as there is on Zoom. Then again, I don't have a dog in the fight :)
I setup a Zoom integration on my website so I could put it behind a client area.

I'll set it up if you would all be willing to help me test it out.
I'd be up for it if its afternoon or evening. Distance learning is sucking my time at the moment.
I'd be up for it as well...though evenings are tough for me. I've been kindof quiet on here recently, so it would be nice to catch up!
OK, lets try it out. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to set up a Zoom for 1:00 today CST (I believe that's 7 p.m. UK)

Please email by noon CST (6 p.m. UK) if you would like an invite.

Work is slow for me too. Lets see how this goes and report back to the forum?
So, I was on the call today and it was great. We had a nice chat and agreed to make it a regular "thing".

I agree. Its nice to meet Tim in person and hear about his work and his perspective. I will set up a meeting early next week again, and post an invite link.

Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine this weekend.

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