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Jul 7, 2014
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Would hate to see this be a permanent fixture on the search results.

Hi RidgeRunner, thanks for sharing.

That's been around for a year or so. 1st as a test, then they made it official.

<a href="">Official Launch: Google Home Service Ads - Some Observations</a>

Also before that one:
<a href="">Google Testing New Paid Home Services Local Pack</a>

In case you missed, there are also now the "nearby businesses" ads and coming soon an ad right in the 3 pack.
Yes I understand that they have been testing that for awhile now. I could be wrong but it the past you still had the option to go to more listings if you didn't want to use Google's Home Service.

Today it looks like you use that or nothing, there is no option for "more listings"
Yep back when this all started it was like that most of the time.
The paid ads replaced the pack, so it forced pay to play unless had good organic ranking.

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